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DoudyxXxDubsDate: Sunday, 14 Mar 2010, 1:41 AM | Message # 1
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Better known as Spidey or Spider-Man....

A little about the real me:

My real name is Sean and I live in New Hampshire, U.S.A. I have two older brothers who have both moved out of the house already so I'm stuck with my parents alone. I am a freshman in college and work at Sears in the receiving department. I am currently trying to get in the National Guard to help with my college bills and for some adventure.

About how I came here:

I first started getting into graphic design when some guy on a forum had a cool signature and I asked him how he made it. He said I made it on I went there and made some nooby sigs which I thought were awesome at the time. I then joined a gfx site that was starting out that I knew from a few buddies. I didn't like how they ran things and decided to make my own site, this site was Dragon GFX.

I gathered a gang involving GMAN, Zexies, and Queenie(better known as your own, Mariah). We took on the site and started contests and we all grew together in both graphic design and in character. We had a lot of good times at DGFX, it had a good run and a lot of members joined. We lasted a little less than 2 years and it had its ups and downs, but it was a great time overall.

Soon DGFX would become very scarce and me and others got very tired and moved on. Every now and then people would crank out a sig and people would post but for the most part it was ghost town. Siphenz came to me one day missing the old site and made a proposal to make another and start anew. I took this offer as a challenge to make bigger and better site. With more activities than DGFX could ever have. So I started making the site and got some advice from some good sources. Siphenz and Mariah became IN's other two admins and helped me around the site to get it started and made what you see here today. We haven't had a long run yet, but I feel like with a little promotion and advertising we can make this a very big site and get it more active than ever!

Thanks to Siphenz and Mariah again for your help and support! ^.^

SiphenzDate: Sunday, 14 Mar 2010, 8:26 AM | Message # 2
The Hitokiri
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You know I'm here for ya (no homo).

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