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Administrators - DoudyxXxDubs, Siphenz, Mariah, & AtomicFlame

Moderators - MasterSplinter & IKilledYou

Feel free to Private Message any one of the Staff members for
any problems or concerns you may have.

Site Rules & Regulations

1. No Racial, religious, or sexist references on this forum. You will be warned once. Second offense, you will be banned from the site.

2. No discriminating other people's work. (Some of us are still learning, so please constructively criticize instead of making fun.)

3. No ripping people's work not only on this site, but getting it from another site and bringing it here(ripping). Any kind of ripping will not be tolerated.

4. No spamming or flaming, if you do it you will be warned once and then twice.
The third offense you will be banned from the site.

5. Most importantly, have fun and make some kick ass art!

*NOTE*- You are free to express yourself in whatever way as long as it is through art.


Welcome to the Imagine Nation GFX Forums. Please enjoy your stay.

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